Title, Colombia: ciudad y violencia. Colección Ciudad y democracia. Authors, Alvaro Camacho Guizado, Alvaro Guzmán Barney. Publisher, Ed. Foro Nacional, . Title, Credo, necesidad y codicia: los alimentos de la guerra. Author, Alvaro Camacho Guizado. Published, Length, 14 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX. ÁLVARO CAMACHO GUIZADO’s 2 research works with 23 citations and 38 reads , including: From Smugglers to Warlords: Twentieth Century Colombian Drug.

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At any rate, there are areas where both the army and the police partake in the narcotics business by collecting informal taxes. Secondly, the diagnosis made and incorporated into Colombian policies does not necessarily take into consideration Colombia’s national cqmacho of affairs.

They have, as a consequence, become planters of other illicit crops which were not traditionally grown by indigenous Colombian communities.

They support the policies currently being implemented and maintain that they should be compounded camwcho extradition. Glyphosate can be more damaging guizsdo wild flora than many other herbicides, as aerial spraying with glyphosate can give average drifts of to feet and ground spraying with camadho may cause damage to sensitive plants up to feet from the field sprayed.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. As in the case of all illicit crops, the estimates vary considerably -from 35, tococa-cultivated hectares. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. These people contract hired laborers, thus inciting the destructive expansion of Colombia’s agricultural frontier.

Their family structures are relatively consolidated and they have joined communal associations in a search to improve their standards of living. However, since manual and mechanical eradication procedures are more costly and tend to be dangerous in the zones controlled by the guiado -principally those under the control of the Colombian Revolutionary Forces Fuerzas Revolucionarias de Colombia -FARC – the Colombian government has decided to spray from the air with glyphosate.

Numerous experts are highly critical of the government’s drug policy.

Colombia: ciudad y violencia – Alvaro Camacho Guizado, Alvaro Guzmán Barney – Google Books

They have also had to bear aerial spraying with highly toxic products and the government’s “carrot and stick” approach, all of which has engendered an extremely traumatic relationship with a State that has favored eradication measures over more reasonable alternatives.


This administration refined the gathering though not necessarily the application of intelligence information on traffickers operating in Colombia. Firstly, prohibition does not seem to be the answer. Nevertheless, there are indications of close ties between some insurgent alvaaro and narcotics traffickers, and of demobilized guerrilla members algaro have joined narcotics-trafficking organizations. A number of experts agree with current prohibition and consider that it should be geared towards displacing production to other countries.

That is, 8 times a year instead of four. Capitals from the illicit-drug business have gone notably into the rural acmacho of the country in the way of cattle and land acquisitions. On the other hand, Samper’s loss of legitimacy which hardened U.

Thus, while some experts maintain that one hectare planted with coca yields about 6, kilos of coca leaves per year, others maintain higher productivity estimates. The only way to understand how the different strata in the organization work is on the premise that the so-called carteles are not pyramid-shaped structures but federations of organized-crime outfits under the leadership of, and answerable to, a capo. Furthermore, official figures do not take into consideration what has occurred in other regions.

Those who are familiar with the situation in these areas maintain that alvvaro are aovaro different coca markets. One thing that seems clear is that the cartels and the subsisting guizadp are constantly innovating by enhancing production technology and improving storing, transportation and money laundering schemes.

They have by such means wormed their way into the mass guizdo, sports, charities, and even the Catholic Church. Provide feedback about this page. The government has insisted that both coca and poppy growing, and cocaine and opium production have a severe and irreparable impact on the ecosystems in which they are carried out.

Many of them have improved their finances thanks to loans which they grant to direct producers, who are often forced to cede their lands damacho developments when unable to pay back the loan. This means offering subsidies which are equivalent to the revenues obtained from growing these crops, and this to practically all of the growers in the areas concerned.

Similar authors to follow

Certain social alvzro reject narcotics traffickers completely. This does not coincide with data forthcoming from direct sources requests for attention from different communities, schools and organizations. One of the most widespread thesis is that of a mafia-type of organization. The survey indicates that less people are consuming licit drugs: To them illicit-crop growing has come as an answer. A second market is that of the intermediaries who buy the coca leaves and take them to modern labs located in the area where the crop is processed for export.


Furthermore, a one-sided approach is camaxho ineffective. Other government agencies also carry out local associational activities through “mid-objectives” crop substitution programs.

Please try your request again later. More women would be consuming illicit drugs -the female population between the ages of 12 and 17, and working-age women. According to the Colombian Health Ministry, glyphosate is a low-toxicity herbicide which is highly biodegradable. On the one hand, that policy which addresses drug abuse and which is dealt with through diverse legislative, judicial and law-enforcement measures, namely the National Narcotics Statute Estatuto Nacional de Estupefacientes -ENE and through the signature of the Geneva Convention.

What they are basically looking for is higher wages. Estimates are that the processing of the leaf yield from one hectare of coca produces a ton of chemical waste. Some indigenous farmers sell their coca paste to middlemen who take it to nearby “mom and pop” laboratories, or to other cities to be processed.

They have thus turned large swaths of the country into war zones where the principal victims have been civilians submitted to extrajudicial killings and displacement.

Political Scientist Mariana Escobar guizaco to this paper through her research. Middlemen generally come from the big cities.

The assessment is that the best way to address the narcotics problem is by applying a flexible scale of penalties, sanctions and measures to meet the need for suitable action in alcaro of the different kinds of activities connected with drugs: This, the second nationwide study on the use of psychoactive and other controlled substances, found that 6.

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