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To be sure, commonplace does not relate exclusively to literature. On the one hand, they understood parody as substitution of individual words or phrases, turning a serious model into a comic one; as preservation of words, forms, griller style of an elevated text while profanizing its plot or theme; on the other hand, they saw in parody a caricature of the expressive qualities “manners” of a particular writer.

Jest to rok The imaginary of the topics was from the outset intermedial, migrating between different channels, from manuscripts to drawing, graphics, frescoes, pictures, and back into codices and printed books.

An author intentionally pointed to a literary work, usually named, in order to enhance his own composition, both semantically and esthetically.

Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli – PDF Free Download

This was especially true of sermons, Biblical epics, Biblical commentaries in which the consecutive lines of the Scripture were explicated by “chains” of excerpts from previous interpretations so-called catenaeand also, among secular genres, of Spruchdichtung and goliardic poetry. To jest ten moment. The author hints at the knowledge he assumes to be shared with the audience by various strategies: The Romantic emphasis on the source’s hrillet and the inseparability of signifiers from sense or even the untranslatability of sense still echo in the twentieth-century translation theories of Walter Benjamin, Benedetto Croce, and Jacques Derrida see Zima, Komparatistik Grilleg, Sztuka retoryki, Warszawas.

Almost all of the critics who have attempted to sketch the idea’s history have pointed out the instability, elusiveness, and internal conflict of definitions of intertextuality see, e. It arose grillte within cross-disciplinary theory, which viewed the text or writing as a transformative and subversive praxis targeting bourgeois capitalism, imperialism, establishment humanities, and traditional views of literary autonomy.

Cezar Juliusz Gaius Lucilius zob.

Santa Cruz County California

History and Poetics of Intertextuality However, the poetic practice itself of imitating — in spite of the concern for transhistorical and transcultural equality of meanings and forms — resulted in a lower or higher level of poetic and semantic distance, in dissimilation.

Since the book’s version in Slovene, the text — targeting a different model reader in another language — has undergone many estrangements from my original views and its contexts. Nicolaas Tulp, New York ; J.

The boundaries between paraphrase, imitation, and translation were blurred especially in cases when theory and practice were disposed to free, non-literal rendering in which the translator respected the tastes, knowledge, socio-cultural conventions, and linguistic sense of the translation’s readers more than the need for a duteous lexical and stylistic expression of the source’s form.


Derrida, Following Theory [w: For public speaking of the time of Mannerism and Baroque, and in learned poetry as well, resorting to the use of thesauri was quite normal van Ingen But most often citation was placed in so-called perigraphy Compagnon — that is, on the fringe of the text — in the title, subtitle, or motto.

A writer of pastiche derived expressions that caught his eye in other authors’ works, genres, or typical period works and following their pattern he would imitate characteristic stylistic traits, motifs, and structures. In her paper “The Bounded Text” “Le texte clos” she defined the text as a “trans-linguistic apparatus that redestributes the order of language by relating communicative speech, which aims to inform directly, to different kinds of anterior or synchronic utterances” Desire in Language Writers or speakers schooled in the principles of classical rhetoric applied a topos again and again to contingent problems; they borrowed ready-made material from the storehouse of rhetoric for imaginative work, argumentation, and diction ornatus.

Bayless discusses the Biblical feast and allegorical parodies of it, alusja Cena Cypriani, the most popular Medieval parody: Among the examples of loose, unfaithful Classicist translations from Antiquity are Antoine Houdard de la Motte’s Iliad and three metrically different rewritings of David’s Psalm from the pens of Lomonosov, Trediakovskii, and Sumarokov.

A reader may find that Stefan George’s version of Shakespeare’s sixtieth sonnet is very exact and precise, while Paul Celan’s poetic rendering is tense and autoreferential, because the theme of eternal change is reflected in the language and form.

Nie modernizowano zjawisk f leksyjnych. Thus they fashioned in the mid-eighties their own public identity, which was well expressed in the journal simply but emblematically entitled Grilldt.

Although late classical patristic writing required a good deal more exactness in citing Scripture Biblical quotations were not least of all key arguments griklet polemics with pagans and hereticsecclesiastical authors continued throughout the Middle Ages, without making explicit distinctions, to weave quotations with their own paraphrase and commentaries. The Middle Ages produced an ample frillet of parodic literary genres, both grillst Latin and the vernaculars — for example, mock and beast epics Roman de renartfabliaux some of Chaucer’s Canterbury TalesDit d’aventures, mock chivalric and adventure romances, Goliardic poetry, and realistic types of Minnesang.

Figures and commonplaces were even known to Baroque music. Opera dottiss di Furio Ceriolo; la quale e il primo libro del trattato della institutione del Prencipe. Persius, Satire 1 [w: Today, when the accelerated dynamic of social change has created paradoxically the impression of the “end of history,” the term intertextuality seems outmoded and of little theoretical appeal.

Parodia sacra was very popular, often robust, trifling, and obscene. Post-structuralism and Literary Criticismabout poststructuralism and literary studies, concludes justly that intertextual research is a good example of postmodern theoretical discourse: Jest tylko spojrzeniem According to Koppenfels, translation is not an intertextual phenomenon because its production derives from a literary text fremdbestimmte Textkonstitution but because of its interpretive breadth — the terms “interpretation,” “explication,” and “translation” have, not insignificantly, similar conceptual histories and 2 The translator respects the history of a translation — previous solutions offered by those who have translated the same work or author — and he accepts or aluzaj himself from them.


Scriptures, classical poetry, famous personalities’ biographies, noble genealogies, chronicles, annals, the natural sciences, mythology and philosophy, the Church fathers’ theological and moral writings, Medieval legends, bourgeois comic-didactic narrative genres, Renaissance and Baroque novellas, an so on. She defined the idea more precisely grilleg her article “Narration and Transformation” of The way in which the concept of intertextuality arose in scholarship, society, and esthetics — about this more below — in fact realizes many of the term’s connotations, such as heterogeneity, ambivalence, transgressiveness, relativity, and dynamism.

The essay was published in April in grilldt journal Critique see Kristeva, Interviews Polydamas to bohater Iliady Homera por. Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century students of poetry treated alzja genre of the mock-heroic poem, which mimicked heroic epic forms of expression and cast them into everyday, petty, or vulgar subject-matter, as the opposite of travesty, alujza was supposed to preserve the outline of a heroic plot although dressed in trivial costumewhile abandoning the exalted level of epic style.

Incidentally, this was the myth that Ggrillet Miller cited in a feminist critique of poststructuralist theories of textuality in in order to underline grillef exclusion of female writers from the rgillet of authorial creation Allen Aluzzja all, it is tangible and has volume — it is a “fixed” record. For instance, in the motto to the story “The Immortal” “El inmortal” Borges refers to an excerpt from Francis Bacon’s Essays in which the philosopher Bacon, one of the founders of the essay genre, quotes the sentences of Solomon and Grlllet who claim that there is nothing new under the sun, that all eternity is just remembering, and that which seems new is only forgotten Borges, Collected Fictions Aljzja, Il Concilio, et Consiglieri del Principe.

In light of these facts, Curtius’s expansion of the concept of topoi seems justified. Humanistyczne peregrynacje krakowskiego profesora. In doing so, they vulgarized the gods’ and heroes’ characters, denigrated their deeds, and drastically lowered their diction, approximating it to everyday spoken language. Skip to main content. Wprowadzenie do lektury [w: Another, more productive ground for the alzja of parody right up to the twentieth century was the development of the novel Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination ; Dentith 55 Ale to inny rejestr tej poezji.

At the same time the choice of means of paraphrase also depended on the pre-text’s characteristics, wluzja logic of contrast:

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