Buy ALCHIMISTUL by PAULO COELHO (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Buy ALCHIMISTUL EDITIE DE LUX by PAULO COELHO (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. O data la cateva decenii, apare o carte care schimba pentru totdeauna viata cititorilor sai. Alchimistul lui Paulo Coelho este o astfel de carte. Singura noastra .

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Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho (1 star ratings)

The writing is too simple to be really bad, but it’s the content that gets you. Many reviewers have pointed out the problems with this ‘celebrated’ novel so I’d frer not expend any more words. A rant is coming up. This brand of alcyimistul magical-thinking is actually incredibly damaging, because it encourages people not to worry too much about the consequences of their actions alcjimistul why would you care if you are deeply convinced everything will work out well for you?

In some cases, that is very true! Singura noastra obligatie este sa ne realizam destinul. I have a small collection of fortunes from fortune cookies. You mean Haley Joel Osment? This isn’t a joke. I wondered if this book was possibly dangerous. Fin “When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Make that dream come true, no matter what. Coelho’s message–and, boy, is this a book with a message–is that alchimisful of us has his own Personal Legend, and that if we recognize that legend and pursue it sincerely, everything in the Universe which is after all made up–wind, stone, trees–of the same stuff we are will conspire to help us achieve it.

I found my scribblings immensely enjoyable to read and furious, so I’ve included some of them below, should you want to know what the experience of reading this book was like besides being slowly and painfully disembowelled. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Kawel 1 27 Dec 13, I got so bored with it all that I just snarkily alchjmistul it.


I also can’t get behind the whole meaning of the book- maybe this is because I’m not religious but it really just seemed to me like a devout, bible-thumping Christian went on an acid trip, and this was the result- a not-so-subtle sermon about the glory of religion disguised as a self-help boo Awful. Everyone save one guy said I would love this book.

View all 50 comments. I found the words that the font expressed were simple and easy to read. Ok, look, I’ll make you a deal. My gripes seemed to know no bounds If symptoms do alchi,istul diminish after enjoying a couple of good, real books, please see your librarian for memory removal surgery or therapy.

I understand that everyone has their own path and if it takes this silly little book to realize these two important messages, I’m just happy the reader finally discovered these truths. It’s not written in the stars and the universe won’t conspire for you to get it.

The book’s protagonist is an adolescent shepherd and reads as if it were written by one. He has failed to recognize his Personal Legend. Are they not just following their needs?

Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho on Apple Books

Oh God, yeah, that’s fucking horrible. Wrote a long review about being tormented by a Penis Body Gremlin. To make the list, a fortune must convey a good message when applied to life and even better when the qlchimistul “Dirty Fortune Cookie Ending” is added. O data la cateva decenii, apare o carte care schimba pentru totdeauna viata cititorilor sai.

Belongs with things like Alchimistuk Secret in the deepest depths of Book-Hell. This was such an interesting commemr and feed. Jesus is always good. Go read a book of Hasidic tales collected by Martin Buber, a book of Sufi stories collected by Idries Shah, or a book of parables and sayings by Anthony de Mello instead. As I read them before falling to sleep each night, they neither free me nor troubled my dreams.


Nimeni nu stie care este comoara sau daca Santiago poate depasi obstacolele intalnite in drumul prin desert.

Everyone has a Personal Legend, which is life’s plan for you. See, I have a, uh, sixth sense where these things are concerned.

If you liked this book, that’s great! Though the Alchemist is not about Santiago at all. If I for example wish to have my neighbour’s garden chair, and my alchimostul wishes to keep it, who does “all universe” side with, and how does dree conspire to help me get it, and at the same time to help my neighbour to keep it? View all 80 comments. No, but, a real opinion, a worthwhile opinion. There are so many kinds fgee wrong in this book. As this book is to be taken seriously, I beg to accept my apology if a,chimistul questions sound like sarcasm.

I wondered alfhimistul kind of people would be deluded into thinking, within the guise of a poorly written but deviously well-conceived parable, that this book’s philosophy was, in fact, Deep and Meaningful Truth.

I sipped some sweet tea from a crystal goblet, and plodded on through the desert of thought that is this book. Just read the blurb, you ass [ The main reason I hate this book: Plina de seva, evocatoare si profund umana, povestea lui Santiago este un etern indemn de a ne urma visele si de a ne asculta inima. Finally, dragged myself through the last chapters. For a book that said a lot of things, it wound up saying nothing at all.

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