Komunikasi dan Multimedia. 3. Undang-Undang Malaysia akta akta koMUnikasi dan MUltiMedia SuSunan SekSyen. BAHAGIAN I. MCMC is the regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia. PADA menjalankan kuasa yang diberikan oleh perenggan 16(1)(c) dan seksyen Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia [Akta ].

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THE Internet is increasingly becoming a virtual soapbox for people to vent their thoughts — and sometimes frustrations and dissatisfaction. Eddie Law, blogger and founder of elawyer. Even the soon-to-be introduced law s. Do Not Change This: Some users think they can hide incognito behind the screen. It gives enforcement agencies a lot of leeway so they would have the unfettered discretion for its use.


In this case, the defendant was charged with making disparaging remarks against the Sultan of Perak during the struggle between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. The following laws are applicable to bloggers:.

He opines that as social networking and blogging activity is still relatively new, there is little legal precedent to follow and multimedai are many issues yet to be tested in court. She explains that during the agrarian age, laws were formed to protect the land, and during the industrial age, to protect intellectual property with laws regarding copyright and trademarks, for komuniaksi.

A query on the IP address shows that the user resides in Malaysia and is thus subject to the laws komuniasi Malaysia. Back home, in Julya former bank employee was charged with posting vile and indecent material in a blog with intent to annoy another colleague.

Internet trolls have been living amongst us and many still roam the streets of cyberspace.

Communications and Multimedia Act – Wikipedia

Social media was a tool for lawyers and litigants to help parties to fight their cases. With social media websites rising in popularity, there are now more content generators on the Malaysian online community.

Nevertheless, the reliance on Wikipedia by our courts can be traced in reported cases as early as Section of the Communications and Multimedia Act However, he does not think it is a bad law. Closer to home, in a reported Industrial Court casean employee claimed that she was forced by her employer to resign.


Under Section of the Communications and Multimedia Act, those found guilty of harassing or being offensive online can be fined a maximum of RM50, or jailed up to a year or both, he noted. Digital News Asia executive editor A. To recap, under Section Aa person is deemed to be a publisher of a content if it originates from his or her website, registered networks or data processing device of an Internet user unless he or she proves the contrary.

It will be interesting to see what are the new tools for online social networking, and the new legal challenges for the online community. This brings me to the topic of this article: Another type of entry you should avoid is rumour-based entries.

Communications and Multimedia Act 1998

In doing so, Multimeedia had taken steps to avoid any lawsuits over trade mark. Publishing content, once a technical and time consuming task, has been simplified; users merely need to enter text and click a button to publish.

In cat message, the user claimed that a certain celebrity was having an affair with another celebrity. The defendants claimed that posts on the public portion of his Facebook page showed that he had exaggerated his injuries. Dipendra shares a similar opinion, and believes that when the law was drafted, it was intentionally broadly-worded. Perhaps bloggers or portals that had done so had the intention to gain more visitors. It is advisable not to repeat a rumour made by others, unless you can prove it.

In mitigation, Seah, who has since resigned from his job, said he had apologised to Ho and admitted that he did not realised the gravity of his action and he should not have done it. For more information about the young lawyers, please visit www.

Making a complaint against malicious users is aft fairly easy and can even be done online — at http: However, the High Court subsequently overturned said Sessions Court decisions. Dr Geshina Ayu said these bullies were more daring online as they felt that they could get away with it.


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Please note that there is characters limited] For ease of reference, I reproduce the offending posting:. Languages Bahasa Melayu Edit links.

The case was eventually settled. The person who caused the leak of gruesome image e. It brought change to politics, society and business.

Communications and Multimedia Act | Foong Cheng Leong – Part 2

Trade marks akt trade names have also been highly abused in social media websites. While existing Malaysian law appears to cover cases of wayward online behaviour at the moment, there acf some who feel that there is a need for the law to be reformed.

Posting offending messages on the internet is longer a trivial thing nowadays. The most obvious, and the most important, step to take from being slapped with defamation multimsdia is to avoid defamatory statements. But certainly this is not an intention to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person. Both men had allegedly posted offensive comments towards the Sultan of Perak after Barisan Nasional took over the state of Perak. And that is not a message that this court would like to send out.

Sekian, terima kasih In brief, the MCMC stated that the dissemination of gruesome images or video recordings of crime victims is an offence under the ss.

The following laws are applicable to bloggers: Internet-enabled phones and data plans are offered at an affordable rate. The warning can be fortified with a disclaimer, which could be useful to discourage defamatory statements. Although distasteful, this allows bloggers to avoid being discovered and to post entries komunnikasi any restriction.

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