NEOLIBERALISM as eXCEPTION. MUTATIONS IN CITIZENSHIP. AND SOVEREIGNTY. Aihwa Ong. DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS. Durham and London. Aihwa Ong’s new book Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty brings together essays mostly published over the. In this episode we focus on Neoliberalism as Exception by Aihwa Ong. We begin by discussing the distinction she draws between.

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This renewed ethical project has been noted by a number of scholars concerned with both the turn to neouniversalisms like rights and with the return of the sacred within modernity. Neoliberalism is commonly viewed as an economic doctrine that seeks to limit the scope of government.

Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty

Collier ; Buddha Is Hiding: Her piece on SIS explores the encounters between women’s rights claims in Malaysia and what she suggests with other scholars we can term an Islamic modernity. Page numbers if excerpting, provide specifics For coursepacks, please also note: Ong suggests that East and Southeast Asian states are making ‘exceptions’ to their usual practices of governing in order to position themselves to better engage and compete in the global economy.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Loraine rated it it was amazing Jul 19, She also points to the investment of techniques of economic globalisation with a moral calculus about more or less worthy subjects, practices, lifestyles and visions of the good. Alexis Coe rated it liked it Mar 03, Institutional racism, the extremely poor status of women in ethnic minorities, the homogenizing rxception of ‘global learning’, and so on.

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Ong’s strength has always lain in generating new insight by connecting observations in diverse arenas in surprising ways. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. II Spaces of Governing. She suggests that a key procedure of the volume is to use ethnographic case studies to examine experiments and developments, arguing that an ethnographic perspective reveals specific alignments of neoliberxlism rationality, sovereignty and citizenship that mutually constitute ‘distinctive milieus of labour and life at aihaa edge of emergence.

Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty brings together essays mostly published over the last decade.

Beoliberalism consider it a form of predatory capitalism with adverse effects on the Global South. Return to Book Page. Ong traces how these and other neoliberal exceptions to business as usual are reconfiguring relationships between governing and the governed, power and knowledge, and sovereignty and territoriality.

Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty Author s: The volume comes with fulsome akhwa from some very well-known scholars of emerging global orders, including Saskia Sassen, Michael Hardt and Manuel Castells.

Ong’s projects, reflections on an anthropology of the global and of neoliberalism in particular, however, are contested, and indeed invoke some scepticism within the discipline both from conservatives and for those looking for more grounded accounts of globalisation. In this respect, the volume is clearly valuable with its emphasis on ethnographic case studies, although the results must as yet be inconclusive.

She explores the workings of NGO interventions into the ‘knotted tapestry of situated power and ethics’ p. She argues that an interactive mode of citizenship is emerging, one that organizes people—and distributes rights and benefits to them—according to their marketable skills noliberalism than according to their membership within nation-states.


Visit the Author’s Neoilberalism. Neoliberalism as Exception Exception to Neoliberalism. I Ethics in Contention. Ong suggests that the northern mantra of women’s rights as human rights proposes global standards without regards to other moral systems and visions of living p.

Ep. 13 – Aihwa Ong, Neoliberalism as Exception – Always Already Podcast

Neoliberalism as Exception, Exception to Neoliberalism 1 I. Please check the credit line adjacent to the illustration, as well as the front and back matter of the book for a list of credits.

Spaces of Governing 3.

Rather she argues that many states use neoliberalism in some instances and not in others. What is neoliberalism exactly and does the Real match the hyperactive imaginaries of the neoliberal? Ong shows how East and Southeast Asian states are making exceptions to their usual practices of governing in order to position themselves to compete in the global economy.

Those whose knowledge and skills are not assigned significant market value—such as migrant women working as domestic maids in many Asian cities—are denied citizenship. As Ong rightly argues, the underpaid, starved and battered foreign maid [ sic ] has become the image of the new inhumanity in the Asian metropolis even though such mistreatment is not actually the statistical norm.

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