A plethora of paladins — Christopher Wood. Seven new alignment-oriented NPC classes. OTHER FEATURES. The laws of magic — Charles. Back in Dragon #, an article appeared called A Plethora Of Paladins. It outlined rules for paladins of every alignment. How cool is that?!. However, in Dragon magazine #, an article titled A Plethora of Paladins (by Christopher Wood) explained who and what paladins of other.

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Though these oaths are inspired by those classes, they are not strict conversions and are more thematic than mechanical reflections of the original classes. Though the exact requirements may vary, the oath’s core principles are unchanging. Use of force only against non-good-aligned individuals, except for self-defense or church defense.

Overlord By 3rd level, your commanding presence brings others to heel. Negotiator Divine power guides your efforts for peace and settlement.

Improved Shillelagh When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you learn the shillelagh cantrip if you do not already know it, and it doesn’t count toward the number of druid cantrips you know.

He points a bit to the south, and now the wizard also sees the troop of hill giants marching against the horizon. The forbidden accumulation of wealth is the only stricture of a paramander, as they have no use for wealth other than as expendi- tures in the line of duty Hoarding treasure rarely affects the balance of the world. Distance yourself from all extremes and the strife inherent to such division.


Paladins who have sworn the Oath of Betrothal draw their magics from the divine force inherent in their love for another. You are always under the effects of a protection from evil and good spell and gain temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier at the beginning of each of your turns while you are conscious. Additionally, as part of this action, you can cast up to two spells using the newly created temporary spell slots.

A Plethora of Paladins

Dec 14, Messages: It also can’t take reactions. Alternatively, you may choose a different creature when you use this option to be awoken with the same effect if they are sleeping in this space. Additionally, hostile creatures within plwthora feet of the target must make a Dexterity saving throw against your Ranger spell save DC.

By 20th level, you can use your action to break free of all bonds and restrictions, adopting a mantle of sovereignty. The bite of your blows is focused not on the unholy, but on the extreme. This effect lasts for 1 minute. You learn an additional cantrip of your choice from the cleric spell list at 10th level.

The Paladins by Alignment

Defer to authority and respect subordinates as appropriate to your respective stations. Wisdom is the prime requisite of an arrikhan. You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed. A half-orc kneels in prayer, hands laid over her magician comrade who sits with arms and hands restrained. Aura of Sanctity At 10th level, you and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you have resistance against poison damage and are immune to being poisoned while you are conscious. It’s there as an idea if you want it.


A Half-Elf grimaces a bit as he spends his late night watch idly flipping through the pages of his Book of Shadows, a not-too-shabby imitation of the grand arcane tome his master possesses. Guardsman At 3rd level, you learn o root out disorder and threats against your liege. With armor that gleams against the shine of the noonday sun, a knight booms a challenge against the horde of scream-ing, slavering ogres. Starting at 7th level, your mind is disconnected from the petty quarrels and shifting opinions of the world.

As she swings her axe in battle, a half-orc sings and shouts the traditional war chants of her people, battle commands and mythic stories alike, passed down through generations.

Also at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in the Insight skill. Arrikhans can use any magic items except those usable only by magic-users or illusionists. When you truly unlock the secrets within yourself, the world is shallow in comparison.

For 1 minute, the weapon crackles and fizzes with chaotic power, shedding dim light in a foot radius. Arrikhan Table II shows the number and level of such spells. Good magic includes any spells cast by good NPCs or monsters and any effects of magic items that are intrinsically good or that are used by good beings. Should the illrig- ger ever commit a chaotic or carelessly disruptive act, his church will excommunicate him and he will become forevermore a normal fighter.

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