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I’ Description New Inmate s Provides all inmate telephone accounts added during the specified time period. The Quantity of Calls Placed report displays the following information sorted by the number of calls made in descending order. Provides a ljst of how many 3 Way Call attempts were detected.

This is regardless of mco the alert was for all calls by a particular inmate or calls to a particular number. All maintenance services performed or provided will meet if not exceed all.

ShawnTech will also be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the inmate phones. Copies of current standard reports shall be supplied with the proposal. If established thresholds are exceeded or fall short of expectations, they will be flagged and reponed daily to MCl’s Technical Support and Field Operations Team.

More than One Inmate Provides a list of telephone numbers that have been called by a user defined number of inmates Section 2 Tab 6 – Technical Requirements Monthly gross revenue generated by each telephone by revenue category, i.


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As the Prime Contractor, MCI will assume all responsibility of preventive maintenance on the propose ITS as necessary to maintain the requested mean-time-to-fail criteria. Two playback units shall be supplied to each SCI. Mer will provide training and system operations manuals to class participants.

MCI will supply all information on employees and subcontractors who will participate on-site in the installation for the purpose of a security check and clearance. Full access allows the mdi to ‘View, Add,’: User manuals which provide detailed step-by-step documentation are provided to each facility. Copies of sample reports are provided at the end of this Tab 6.

– Riverside EMS Agency Policy Manual

By maintaining a physically diverse location for momtoring, MCl can initiate trouble tickets even if the entire Commonwealth is. The Focus system operates upon the Microsoft software platfonns, thus affording the opportunity to be robust and expandable for future use of various types of data files.

Training will also cover ,general’ “‘:: Caribbean-Intemational Mexican Calls 29 3. The Ticket ‘;-. By simply pressing the FI key, a help window will 8102 with contents targeted toward the workstation function in use. MCl has read understands and will comply. Monitoring is undetectable by the calling or called parties.

Mcr will immediately take steps to resolve the problem before it nci evident to facility personnel. MCl’s installation mck implementation team will perform pre-installation cabling and related activities to ensure sites are ready. Begin installation – Group 5: F’ established, calling is automatically controlled by the system.

New & Pre-Owned Motor Coaches | Motor Coach Industries | MCI

Memory stick, or whatever. Each inmate PIN account can be further. The ,class will’meet for one full day during mck time DOC staff will receive hands-on training on the ITS system’s features and functionality. Copies of sample reports are provided at the end ofthis Tab 6. This record is the cornerstone to the system’s.


The Focus sy. Test and turn-up system- Group 5: 8120a two centers support only MCl Corrections Customers and will provide a live operator available 24x7x The multi-channel recorder is replaced by a state of the art digitally recorder that is built within the Focus server that is maintained on a RAJD-5 Array mass’ storage mcl.

The inmate II database shall be abie to contain the name, DOC Number, background information, and free form notes about the inmate.

Section 2 Site survey completed: Silent periods are when the phone 8120a opened and operational, however when the phone is not in use no recording would occur. It is important to note that the processes and procedures described below as well as the personnel listed within this section are in addition to the PIN Administration Staff and Commonwealth PIN 810a2 Manager. Once the test and certification procedures are complete, the system will be available for DOC acceptance and use.

The comprehensive training, curriculum is designed to cover complete system, administration and all investigative tools described below. Section 2 Attachment 11 ‘ The curriculum is designed to cover the use and opera: Deliver equipment to Group 3 facilities: DeH 17 inch Es’ Administration, and with consultation from 8012a Department of-Corrections.

Monthly Detailed Financial Reports:

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