Datsun Z and ZX · Inside each FSM, you’ll find repair information that the dealer-trained service technicians used everyday. While the FSM. Z. ELECTRONIC. FUEL INJECTION. • THEORY. • TROUBLESHOOTING. Page 2. Z. ELECTRONIC. FUEL INJECTION. • THEORY. z. Here are the fusible link locations for a z: I verified these in my engine compartment using a multimeter as drawings in the FSM and.

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Paying for a pretest to avoid “Gross Polluter” tag is always prudent if you suspect something. I used an old 76 or 77 transistor module to make a mounting plate and used two existing 10mm bolts near the strut tower to hold the maxifuse box. It covers the fusible links fm voltage regulator. Underneath are the fusible link covers. Don’t assume it’s something simple. Put new gas in.

Feel free to email us at webmaster nicoclub. Occasionally, you may run across a mistake or misprint in the FSM. Well, you get what you pay for. They also have AGU glass fuse version. And fix all of the simple stuff, like “bad gas”.

Datsun Service Manuals

EF is worth a look if you want to understand how the control system works. Buy fusible link parts at Banzai. How can I thank you enough? Sign up for a new account in our community. Not pretty but here is the final product. All Datsuns Maintenance Quick Guide. Crappy black paint over the stock wine colour! We might respond, or we might not. Post the actual numbers from the test. The box next to the strut tower is a sheet metal rain guard.


They are wires with a built-in melting point. Already have an account? Get this Stinger Maxi Fuse Block and swap out your crusty, old, troublesome, high maintenance fusible 280x blocks.

And describe, in detail, what shape the engine is in, including any odd modifications. These manuals are significantly 2800z, and more accurate, than a Haynes or Chiltons manual, since the information is developed by the manufacturer to be used by Nissan-trained technicians.

While this is rare, we certainly like to know about it. Haywire fusible link and fuse supplier. Proper and complete tune-up which includes an oil fssm. You can smell the exhaust which is alarming for me. Register a new account. Fusible links are the same as fuses.

Smog Help For My Z – S30 Series – z, z, z – HybridZ

Sign In Sign Up. A bad valve adjustment will alter cam timing enough to fail you. Its my first car. It can take some work to get a car that’s been sitting back in shape. Datsun Datsun Csm Manuals.


The other Red’s are 50A. Also, make sure the car is fully warmed up before going in for the smog test. The black with red stripe wire was from a gutted sx battery cable.

Factory Service Manuals

This is as per 75 FSM. We provide our members access to the fem factory-published FSM for free. CO emissions are more than double. Driving it will help some if it has not been used much for a long time.

Regular wires can catch fire.

This is a crappy blurry photo but you can see the 4 white with red stripped wires connected to the screw terminals in the bottom of the maxifuse unit. It was sitting for like a year maybe its the old gas? Green fuse in front is 60A It should be 80A but I could not source one. Ffsm is also sold by Futureshop.

Start with new fuel and, as already mentioned, the basics: When the current through the link exceeds a threshold, the heat produced melts the wire to prevent too much current from damaging down stream devices.

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