Acura TL – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 6 Nov, by Inimrepus. Model: Acura TL. File size: MB. Find detailed technical information on your Acura TL’s operation & maintenance, including online owner’s manuals & guides. Owner’s Manual. Select the appropriate Year, Model and Publication of your Honda to view detailed information about your vehicle, maintenance tips and.

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Acura TL Service Manual

Acura may have a reputation for reliability but the lack of any real respect for its designs or brand makes its prices absurd. How does it do against these other models?

And every mechanic I speak with agrees with that assessment. Want to be the first.

Then, trade them in. But will anyone notice or care? But, the new one is perfect looking. Official acura tl service manual. Actually the A4 and the S4 are much less front-heavy than the TL. So the TL was cursed with bulky bodysides, pointy ends, and a chunky chrome cheese grater for a grille. The whole 45 minutes they denied everything.

Either manuak or refreshed with 6MT.

Owner’s Manuals | Acura TL | Acura Owners Site

The only one I ever had 05 Odyssey ended mannual in lemon law court for issues which began the day after I bought it new. Owners may contact Honda customer service at But then the Accord was super-sized, and took its Acura platform mate with it.

Same goes for the G37Sport. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All seating positions have three point belts, while outboard passengers have side curtain airbags. This is probably my last Acura. Finance Quote for F. Honda in Descent Mode.


My buddy has a S4 MT with the active diff and no drive select probably a rare combo. They are painted black over white plastic so even a tiny scratch is easily visible. Combine that with the acuar that a lot of people just enjoy the experience of driving a manual tranny; a surprising amount actually.

Acura provided the vehicle, insurance and one tank of gas for this review. I have zero respect for cars that perform well in warranty. Thanks for the correction!

Irrelevant considering the moribund state of Saab? Manual tranny is roughly If you ever get a chance to drive behind one while it is driving beside say an E-Class, 5 series, or A6; it is evident that the TL is another generation ahead in exterior design philosphy.

Official 2012 acura tl service manual

You usually need RWD wheelspin to feel that with a conventional setup, and a RWD with wheelspin will not feel nearly as sure-footed during the process. The car has had a number problems after the warranty ran out. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions. Give me a well engineered slush-box with sporting aspiration in my daily driver 4 door. They should have left well enough alone there.

Acura TL – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

While it would have been easy given the minimal sales potential to toss a manual transmission into the car and call it a day, someone clearly sweated the details. Banning turns does have a side effect of making people drive father and make more turns to reach their The problem with the G37 sedan is the droppy butt, makes it look out of proportion. Long ago, I kept cars for much longer. I did not think people opened hoods anymore. The funny thing is that I saw PintoFan in another thread advising someone to dump theirmile Acura TL, as surely the point of diminishing returns and reliability headaches had been reached.


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If more people that could afford to did this, more cars would be sold, and more people would be working. The paddle-shifters are nicely positioned and in S-mode, the transmission responds quickly. There is so much info in there How the heck does anyone prove this based on likely outright lies to support ones biased argument. Not gorgeous, FWD platform means too much overhang. Six airbags and active head restraints for the driver and front passenger come standard as do various braking aids such as anti-lock brakes ABSelectronic brake distribution EBDbrake assist BA Stability and traction control also come standard, as does a tire pressure monitoring system.

New manaul front seats are an option as part of the Advance Package, and Acura made the cabin even quieter, reducing NVH by 3 decibels at highway speeds.

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