Dodge Grand Caravan – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 2 Nov, by Badjokes. Model: Dodge Grand Caravan. File size: MB. Download Manual: Dodge Grand Caravan — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 15 Apr, Model: Dodge Grand Caravan Pages: File size: 9 MB. 10YAC – This is the traditionally printed Owner Manual for FCA vehicles that was prepared to acquaint you with this specific vehicle. Included are the.

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Pull up on the assist strap to lift the seat out of the 1. Peri- Particular attention should also be given to hood latching odic lubrication of these joints is not required. You may turn off the heated mirror docge at On vehicles equipped with Automatic Temperature Con- anytime by pressing the rear window defogger switch a trol ATCthe climate control system filters out dust and second time. Disengage the two retaining tabs that secure the filter 7. Always be sure the removable floor 20100 is fully latched.

One bottle There are two consoles available: Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal cord injury, dode, alcohol use, exhaus- tion or other physical condition must exercise care Adjust the seat only while the vehicle is parked.


The sales code is located on the lower right side 2. Premium front overhead models feature a green LED focused light that illuminates the instrument panel cup holders, two swiveling LED lamps, flip-down sunglass storage, conversation mirror, optional power dodve door switches and an optional power This should secure both latches.

Press a second time to turn the lights off. Metric Fuel approximate All Engines The minutes will begin to Pressing the rewind or fast forward button causes the blink. In an accident, serious injury could result if the seat storage bin covers are not properly latched.

Pull up on the handle to lift the seat out of the storage bin and push the seat rearward to latch the seat anchors. This was a very scary thing for me as he did get out once when I wasn’t moving. Ethanol vapors are extremely flammable and could owne serious personal injury.


Download Dodge Grand Caravan — Owner’s Manual PDF – Pages

Fasten your seat belt Fastening the seat belt will If you press the power door lock switch while the sliding cancel any chiming that may confuse you during this door is open, the sliding door will lock. The system automatically adjusts 3. Only do service work for which you caused by the use of non-Mopar parts for maintenance have the knowledge and the proper equipment.

Could someone out there Please Help me with this question? You may turn off the heated mirror feature at trolled by the optional Driver Memory Seat Feature. Turning it counterclockwise backward by one click Once in the UCI iPod mode, the iPod audio track if during the first 2 seconds of the track will jump to the Fuel system damage or vehicle performance problems Carbon monoxide CO in exhaust gases is deadly. To Fold Second Row Seats 1. ESP should only be turned off for specific reasons as noted below.

The electrical connections are all complete to the vehicle but you must mate the harness to a trailer connector.

Dodge Grand Caravan Owner’s Manual

Brake System Warning Light If brake failure is indicated, immediate repair is neces- This light monitors various brake functions, doodge. The BAS Brake Assist System cannot prevent the natu- system detects an emergency braking situation by sens- ral laws of physics from acting on the vehicle, nor can ing the rate and amount of brake application and then it increase the traction afforded by prevailing road Use a factory approved trailer harness and connector.

English, Spanish, or French languages as equipped. Personality Persnlty 16 Digit-Character The light will come on when the ignition This light warns of an overheated engine condi- is caarvan turned on and remain on briefly as a bulb check.

In any of the following situations, you can reduce the potential for overheating by taking the appropriate ac- Driving with a owber cooling system could damage tion. The seat belt still must be unbuckled for more than 10 seconds and the vehicle worn snugly and positioned properly.


Obtain the pole and table top by loosening the hook and loop straps. Turn the TUNE control knob to the causes the tuner to search for the next frequency in the right or left to increase or decrease the Treble tones.

Apply the solution onto a clean cloth and wipe the mirror clean. Spare Tire Stowage Turn the two cover latches to release the cover. After either of these conditions, or if the Vehicle Theft Alarm is alarming, or if the PANIC button was pressed, the vehicle must ower reset by inserting a valid key into the ignition To assure the seatback is latched in the folded position, additional downward pressure on the seatback may be required when folding.

Other options of the system allow you to turn To unlock the doors and liftgate: To release the belt, push the red button on the buckle.

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan – Owner’s Manual (530 pages)

The light should illuminate for approxi- Manuaal If the CD is not removed, the radio will reinsert ddge CD but will not play it. Fuel Gauge Driving with a hot engine cooling system could The pointer shows the level of fuel in the fuel tank when damage your vehicle.

This will allow may appear in the display of certain radios. Air comes from the outlets in the headliner. Use only the anchor positions directly behind the child seat to secure a child restraint top tether strap. The brake pedal must be position before you can start the engine.

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